Oversized Debris Removal

We all know that commercial properties are mandated to have dumpsters. You pay to have them dumped, but they fill again, but not always with your trash. As a property owner, it is almost inevitable that you may need to deal with larger items being dumped behind your property around the dumpster areas. These items include appliances, large full boxes, furniture, car parts, tires, shopping carts (not affiliated with your stores), pallets, and more. For all these large, unsightly items left behind, Prosweep Central Florida offers Hauling in Orange, Osceola, and surrounding counties.

Although the rear of the plaza is out of the way and not the most visited by your customers, we feel that a clean parking lot, front and back, makes a commercial property stand out above the rest. Whether you call us, or we call you, we’ll get someone there in no time. Our property inspectors take their time in checking to make sure your back lot is free of large, bulky items unsightly to anyone back there, or a hazard to the everyday operations of your property. We then notify our hauling staff that comes to the sight and dispose of your problem. It’s that simple.

Let Prosweep Central Florida help you with hauling in Orlando and the surrounding areas, and keep the back lot looking as good as the front!