Porter Service

For high traffic properties, sometimes a nightly parking lot sweeping and emptying of trash receptacles is not enough. For these properties, Prosweep Central Florida offers porter service. Porter service in Central Florida is a necessity in the tourist areas as well as high traffic shopping centers. The amount of trash that builds up on a daily basis exceeds the capacity of trash receptacles and gives the appearance of an unkempt property. We remedy this situation by sending out our highly recommended porter crew which walks the property to remove any debris that has accumulated within the shrub lines and sidewalks. Our porters also change out trash can liners that have filled up due to the high traffic conditions. Porter service may also include cleaning of trash receptacle tops and window washing.

Prosweep also offers property maintenance services including weekly deficiency reports, vacancy clean outs, large debris removal, graffiti removal, painting, and sign repair and replacement. These services are imperative to the appearance of a property. Contact Prosweep Central Florida today for a list of options we offer and customize your clean with parking lot sweeping porter service, and property maintenance.