Hot Water Pressure Washing
with Waste Water Recovery

With parking lot sweeping and portering services, Prosweep Central Florida takes your commercial facility and parking lot and transforms them into an attractive center of business. Our procedures are standard at the least, but our pride in our work takes us above the rest. Although we take great pride in a clean facility, there is only so much a regenerative air sweeper and a backpack blower can do.

Taking a dirty sidewalk and blowing dust and debris from it is only part of the clean. Underneath all that dirt and dust may lie a bigger problem. Mold, soda spills, gum, and other unappealing stains may be left behind to taint the appearance of a “clean” storefront. Prosweep has taken that into consideration and now offers hot water pressure washing with wastewater removal. Central Florida commercial pressure washing is a fast and easy service we offer to all of our clientele and for a great price!

Commercial pressure washing in Orlando and surrounding cities is imperative to a clean building and storefront mainly because of the humidity out there. This humid Central Florida climate likes to attract moisture to the surface of everything leaving behind the onset of mold. On top of that, you have hungry and thirsty clients all over your sidewalks day after day. Accidents do happen, and when they do, your storefront and sidewalks pay the sticky, unappealing stained price. We have a truck mounted pressure washer with wastewater recovery with a gas heater that is ready to pump out a rapid jet of water at over 300 degrees to pull those stains out of your sidewalks, parking garages, and building facades. Remove awful graffiti from your building, mold from your sidewalks and Spanish Roofing tiles, or eyesore gum splotches from in front of your store. With so many applications, there’s nothing we can’t cover!